The success of Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. is attributed to a staff that is dedicated to providing the company and its clients with quality service. Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. is a specialized business, providing topographic and hydrographic surveys not only locally but throughout North and South America. It takes special people to work at Arc offices in Memphis, Tuscaloosa, Jacksonville and Melbourne, Florida. All Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. staff are special people and appreciated. During over twenty five years of scheduling, travelling and working on projects from New York to Mexico, the staff of the company has become diverse and accustomed to the complexities associated with our work. Following are images of Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. staff. 

photo of Angel Guzman

Angel Guzman

Party Chief
photo of Bob Pittman
Bob Pittman
PLS Land Surveyor

Brandon Thomas

Instrument person

Brian Foster


Chris Weidenback

Instrument person

Cody Cannon

Party Chief

Dale Moore

Party Chief

Daniel Moore

Instrument person

David Foster


David Thomas

Party Chief

Doreen Arndt

Office Manager

Doug Bigham
Instrument person

Duane Trabits

Frank Sawyer

Gladys Wilson
Administrative Marketing Assistant
Howard Thomas
Party Chief
James Shearer
Instrument person
Jason Villarreal

Topo/Hydro Party Chief

photo of Jeff Yost

Jeff Yost
CAD Technician

Jeremy Loudenbeck
PLS  Midwest South Manager
John Maffett

PSM Laser Scanning
John Sawyer

Vice President Marketing
Johnnie Cogdell

Johnny Sims

Kevin Cannon

Party Chief
Kimberly Steen

Adminstrative Assistant
Kristina Clark

Accounting Assistant
Matthew Sawyer
CAD Technician
Instrument person
Nancy Porter

Office Administrator
 photo of Nelson J Sawyer
Nelson J. Sawyer

Instrument person
 photo of Patrick Sawyer of Arc Surveying
Patrick Sawyer

Vice President
Randy Stephens

CAD Technician
Richard Dunnington

Chief Hydrographer
Richard Sawyer

PSM Vice President
Tiffany Minsal

Payroll Clerk
Vickie Haynes

Administrative Assistant
 photo of Victoria M
Victoria MacCallum

Accounting Manager
William Rios

Boat Captain