Multibeam Bathymetry/Laser Scan Topography
Electrical Resistivity Geology

image of arc exhibiting at florida lake management societyArc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. with offices in Jacksonville and Melbourne Florida, and Memphis Tennessee, will be exhibiting at the Florida Lake Management Society conference at Captiva Island Florida on June 7–9, 2017. For information visit Florida Lake Management Society.

On June 26–29, 2017 Arc will exhibit at the Western Dredging Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. For information visit Western Dredging Association.

  At the WEDA conference, Arc will present the results of an electrical resistivity geophysical survey performed at Port Canaveral, Florida. Electrical resistivity is an innovative and highly accurate approach to describing the subsurface on dredging and marine construction projects. Prior to developing plans and specifications for excavation or construction, it is suggested that a resistivity survey of the subsurface will provide logical choices regarding the number and location of core borings necessary to accurately describe material types that may be encountered such as silt, sands, clay.  

image of mapping example from arc exhibiting at weda and flms
Combined with a multibeam bathymetric survey, a laser scanned topographic survey and an electrical resistivity geophysical survey, Arc Surveying & Mapping provides three dimensional (3D) models of projects from which engineers can better design more cost-efficient projects.

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