Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc has developed 3D AutoCAD and/or MicroStation interactive models of bridges including the surrounding topography and bathymetry.  These interactive computer models may be used for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to:

1.      Eliminating ancient hard copy paper and PDF drawings

2.      Providing quick and easy computerized access to bridge details

3.      Providing existing as-built information resulting from combined high resolution terrestrial laser scanning and multibeam swath bathymetry

4.      Placing all bridges in the proper horizontal and vertical datum

5.      Identifying bridge construction materials, dimensions, etc., including pile tip elevations as provide by construction drawings

6.      Pointing and clicking anywhere in the model to check dimensions, clearances, xyz values

7.      Identifying both above and below water surface existing conditions – excellent tool for emergency repair

8.      Visualizing and monitoring scour at unknown foundations and supports at any view

9.      Recording bottom debris before and after modifications 

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