Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. is a multidisciplined company with offices in Jacksonville and Melbourne, Florida, Arlington, Tennessee and Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Since 1986 Arc has provided a diverse assortment of clients with expert advice, estimates, proposals and services learned during thirty years of hands on experience.  Our professional land and hydrographic surveyors are competitive innovators, always bringing cost effective, new and improved surveying and mapping techniques, to the attention of clients. 

Arc Today is a webpage that contains, brief descriptions of Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. projects in progress, the surveying equipment and techniques used to make our clients projects the most profitable. 

Amkin Dames Point, LLC. Dames Point\Nichols Creek Topographical

This project was nearly 100 acres of uplands, located in North Jacksonville Florida. We were tasked with performing Topographical, Tree, and Wetland Surveys on the uplands. We had up to three crews on the project which took several weeks to complete. There were lots of open areas, however where areas were wooded, the vegetation was over head high and very thick, slowing progress at times. We were able to use the open area in the center of this project to test conventional methods of reading elevations in comparison to our new Drone (used and built exclusively for Topo). The results were amazing and includes aerial views from only 150’ high with a 24 MP camera. 

Keep up with Arc Today to see results of our new Drone System (coming soon).

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Kings Bay, Georgia

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. is under contract with AECOM/Versar to provide multibeam swath bathymetry of the Kings Bay Estuary located at Naval Submarine Base, Georgia.  The goal of the survey is to provide a model to better understand sediment movements and accumulation.  The survey area is approximately 100 square miles and depths range from 50 feet deep at the entrance channel to 2 feet deep in the tributaries.  Due to a 6-foot tidal fluctuation, careful planning of survey areas by multibeam sounding methods is necessary.  Deeper areas are surveyed during low tide while shallower areas are surveyed at high tide.  The above water portions of the estuary are surveyed at low tide using airborne LiDAR.  In order to have overlap, connecting the topography and bathymetry, the shoreline bathymetry is collected during high tide cycles.  Surveys are performed utilizing Reson 7125 multibeam swath sounders operating at 200 kHz, Applanix POS/MV Wavemasters and Trimble R8 Base Receivers.  Data collection, navigation and data processing are accomplished utilizing Hysweep software.
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Patton Tully Marine, LLC

The Memphis Witch is working on the Mississippi River near Chester, Illinois supporting Patton Tully Marine, LLC with the construction of a series of river training structures, chevrons, dikes, and z-dikes. Arc is surveying the stone placement after each barge offload and at the end of each day to assist the contractor and meet USACE specifications. Using the onboard RESON Seabat 7125 Multibeam system and Trimble RTK positioning, The Memphis Witch and her crew are well equipped for the task. Arc expects this project to continue through the end of the year and possibly into the new year.
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Burgess & Niple / FDOT D2

  Arc Surveying & Mapping Inc. has performed hundreds of bridge surveys for the Department of Transportation including emergency scour surveys after Hurricane Matthew ravaged the east coast of Florida during October 2016.   In the interest of public safety, FDOT District 2 contracted Arc through Burgess & Niple Engineering to perform bathymetric surveys at various bridges and to report subaqueous bottom changes by providing isopachs that measure the differences between pre and post hurricane surveys.   As a result of D2 monitoring scour prone bridges and applying countermeasures, no scour was observed during the recent survey.  

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Current relevant contracts and relevant subcontracts

Carters Contracting LLC, 23263 Harmony Church Rd, Andalusia, AL 36421
Steven Nadler, Project Manager

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. is providing Carters Contracting with topographic surveying, construction layout, payment surveys, mapping and computing services on Jacksonville District ACOE Project W912EP-16-C-0023, C-111 Detention Area, Miami Dade County, Florida.

Versar, Inc./AECOM, 720 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Ste 108, Newport News, VA 23606
John Ouellette, Program Manager

Arc Surveying & Mapping is a subcontractor to Versar/AECOM, on a US Navy (NAFAC) project requiring a multibeam/singlebeam bathymetric survey of watercourses within a 92-square mile area of the Kings Bay Estuary, Kings Bay, Georgia.  Bathymetric data collection is complete and submitted.

Canaveral Port Authority, 445 Challenger Road, Canaveral, FL 32920
Gary Ledford, P.E./VP – CH2M Contract Administrator

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. has held a Continuing Surveying Services Contract with the Canaveral Port Authority for the past seven (7) years, performing topographic, hydrographic, and 3D laser scanning services as required by CPA through CH2M. 

Patton Tully Marine, LLC, (ACOE St. Louis), PO Box 28, Memphis, TN 38101
Heath Burns, Project Manager

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. is under contract to Patton Tully to provide topographic and hydrographic surveys for W912P9-16-B-0012, Grand Tower Phase 5, Upper Mississippi River, Jackson, Missouri.

Olsen Associates, Inc. 2618 Herschel St., Jacksonville, FL 32210
Erik Olsen, President

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. is currently performing topographic and bathymetric surveys for Olsen Associates at South Amelia Island, Nassau County, FL., in support of the Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems State Wide Monitoring Plan.  Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. has provided topographic and hydrographic surveys on beach projects for over twenty years.

Burgess & Niple, 1800 Pembroke Drive, Ste 265, Orlando, FL 32810
Mark Bernhardt, P.E.

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. is under contract to FDOT through a subcontract agreement with Burgess & Niple Engineers providing topographic and hydrographic and vertical clearance surveys on 20 or more bridges in FDOT District 2 boundaries.

Jacksonville Port Authority, 28311 Talleyrand Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32206
Marvin Grieve, LEED AP

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. is under contract to the Jacksonville Pot Authority to provide bathymetric condition, pre and post dredge surveys including payment quantity calculations.  

  AECOM, 7800 Congress Avenue, Ste 200, Boca Raton, FL 33487
Dan Levy, P.G.

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. is under contract to AECOM to provide topographic, hydrographic, property and structure surveys for the remediation of the Wagner/Seybold Canal in Miami, Florida.  This City of Miami sediment remediation project is scheduled to start April 2017.

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock, 2122 York Rd., Oak Brook, IL 60523
Brian Barnes, VP

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. has provided Great Lakes Dredge & Dock with topographic and hydrographic surveying services for over twenty years.  Arc is currently contracted to GLDD for topographic beach surveys on Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Toll Brothers Inc., Florida North, 160 Cape May Avenue, Ponte Vedra, FL 32081
Nick Kausch, Project Manager

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. are currently under contract with Toll Brothers performing topographic, boundary, tree, right-of-way surveys at the Mill Creek Subdivision project.  

Nassau County Road & Bridge, 96161 Nassau Place, Yulee, FL 32097
Keith Sawyer, Project Manager

Arc Surveying and Mapping, Inc. assists Nassau County with surveys of property easements, Drainage Rights of Way, Right of Way Maps, Right of Way Maintenance Maps, and Right of Way Acquisition Map\Legal descriptions. Nassau County doesn’t have a Staff Professional Surveyor, so we fill in that need as required.