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Client: Great Lakes Dredge & Dock

Location: New York

Provided fully equipped survey vessel for Pre, Post, and Condition multibeam swath surveys to support dredging operations in Newark Bay, New York Harbor, and Hudson River.

Performed Multibeam swath surveys; provided data to Dredge “New York” during Newark Bay Deepening. Provided support for Dredge 51 and 53 for Dredging operations in the Arthur Kil Van Kul and Raritan River Maintenance Dredging. Met required USACE specification and procedures for Multibeam swath surveys within the New York District.

Provided Multibeam swath surveys for Dredge 55 at Domino Sugar Dock located in The Hudson River. Provided data for Volume calculations and project grade clearance.

Specialized Experience/Relevance to this Project:

* Bathymetric Detail

* Pre/Post Dredging Surveys

* Construction Surveys