Arc Surveying is Experienced in Utility Surveys

Arc Surveying & Mapping has the ability to locate utilities above and below ground. Above ground utilities may be located using conventional GPS and total stations or by optical laser scanning devices linked to automated data recording computers.

Prior to excavating, trenching, pole setting, etc. it is advisable to perform a search for buried utilities such as pipelines, electrical cables, etc. Buried utilities may be located using a variety of devices depending on site conditions. Among available options is ground penetrating radar (GPR). In many states it is unlawful to excavate without notification to utility companies.


Finding Submerged Utilities

Submerged utilities are located through the use of side-scan sonar and magnetometer surveys. Our experienced utility surveyors provide a diverse range of utility detection activities using techniques such as ground penetrating radar (GPR), side-scan sonar and magnetometer surveys.


Subsurface Utility Engineering surveys to ASCE standards

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. has provided subsurface utility engineering surveys to ASCE standards through sub consultant agreements with Cardno, an infrastructure and environmental engineering company with offices at numerous locations throughout Florida.
  Arc has worked with Cardno on many projects over the past five years including a US Navy project at Mayport, Florida for the reconstruction of Wharf Bravo and on a wharf expansion project at Port Canaveral, Florida for CH2M.