Route Survey

image of 3d imaging project in Arlington Tennessee


Town of Arlington


Arlington, Tennessee


  • Boundary Surveying to determine the ownership and limits of ownership
  • Leveling and traversing
  • Topographic surveying
  • GPS, Total Station with sub-centimeter accuracy
  • Civil Engineering

Arc Surveying and Mapping performed the initial route survey and mapping project across the properties of the proposed Milton Wilson Boulevard alignment. The new section of the Boulevard was to connect to previously constructed ends of the roadway. The length of the remaining section was approximately 2 miles and consisted of a 150 foot wide corridor plus overlap where needed.

Arc Surveying and Memphis performed a horizontal traverse network utilizing GPS for original control and Total Stations for the actual control network throughout the project. In addition, a level loop was performed to achieve the highest accuracy in the vertical control. Total Stations were utilized to perform the topographical survey and locate all boundary information throughout the project. Arc was responsible for the full topographic survey and mapping, boundary surveys of all tracts concerned, and the preparation of Right Of Way plats for the procurement of the required land and easements. One of our usual team members and the Arlington Town Engineer, Powers Hill Design took our survey and performed the Civil Engineering required to prepare construction documents, permitting, and specifications to move the project to bid.