Valero Oil Refinery

image of lidar project in aruba




San Nicholas, Aruba

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. does not physically perform aerial photogrammetric and LiDAR services; however, we offer that service to our clients using a highly qualified and dependable aerial surveying and mapping firm located in Central Florida.

Pickett & Associates and Arc Surveying & Mapping have worked on numerous projects over the past 5 years. A sample project chosen for this submittal is a recent survey performed for Arcadis/Valero demonstrating the compatibility of our separate but combined services.

During September 2014 Arc established ground control and acquired minor topographic data at the Valero Oil Refinery in San Nicholas, Aruba. A week later Pickett &Associates flew the project collecting aerial photogrammetry and LiDAR data. After a review of the Pickett data, the client required Arc to collect detailed terrestrial laser scan data of certain refinery structures that were targeted for demolition.

A deciding factor in the use of LiDAR data versus conventional data collection was necessary since the structures were abandoned, in poor structural condition and many pipes were asbestos coated. Safety training and survey approaches were of utmost concern. Within 30 days of NTP, Arc and Pickett provided rectified aerial images, precise LiDAR data matching Arc’s conventional topography and detailed 3D models of the structures scheduled for demolition.

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