Boundary - Arkansas

image of topographic project in sprindale


Ledford Engineering and Planning LLC


Springdale, Arkansas

Arc Surveying and Mapping, Inc. was contracted to perform a full boundary and topographic survey of the existing conditions at one of the Springdale, Arkansas Housing Authority sites. The site, located in Springdale, Arkansas, was approximately 25 acres and consisted of several interior streets, parking lots, and housing units. The client requested the survey to be surveyed with one foot contour intervals and delivered in electronic CAD format with all survey data and digital terrain models.

All Survey and topographic data was submitted to one of our usual team partners, Ledford Engineering for the Civil engineering work required for sewer and site improvements. Arc utilized RTK GPS and conventional total stations to collect the topographic data on the property. Detailed data was collected around the housing units and sub-terrain drainage, sewer, and utilities were mapped. As a regular client, Ledford Engineering has requested many surveys of this type across multiple States over the last 10 years for both design and planning purposes.

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