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Bridge Hologram

image of arc surveying and mapping bridge hologram

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. has developed 3D holograms utilizing survey data points. Arc holograms, such as this bridge survey, combines the most modern surveying and mapping technology available. This hologram of a Florida bridge, combines boat-mounted underwater multibeam swath sonar, tripod-mounted underwater sonar scanning, and land-based topographic tripod-mounted optical laser scanning.

This hologram is a survey – everything is to scale 1” = 20’ horizontally and vertically. It is also referenced to its actual location using the Florida State Plane coordinate system.

Under the appropriate lighting this hologram will appear to rise above the surface and as it rotates, different objects appear such as a proposed replacement bridge, a sunken boat, debris scattered on the bottom, a vehicle on the proposed bridge, an exposed pipeline and many other objects not noticeable on conventional surveys. For more information and examples of Arc holograms visit www.arcsurveyors.com or contact info@arcsurveyors.com.