Cross Section Topographic Projects - Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc.

Cross Section - Missouri

image of cross section topographic survey project


DIMCO, Inc. (USACE/Memphis)


Hayti, Missouri


  • GPS Experience
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Knowledge of Locality

Under a subcontract from DIMCO, Arc was tasked with collecting cross section and topographic data along range lines at 500 foot intervals off the main line Concorde levee system near Hayti, Missouri. We supplied two survey crews, skiffs, RTK GPS, and total stations to complete the southern ranges. Our crews collected the data as specified in nearly twice the time has the contractor’s crews and provided the contractor an excellent product which allowed the schedule to be met.

This project is extremely relevant to this contract as it defines our ability to perform the typical delivery order submitted by the district. In this case, it showcased our ability to perform cross sections and topographic surveys across all types of terrain Sloughs and vegetation. In addition, it shows our ability and understanding of the requirements of safety meetings, time logging, daily field reports, and other daily information required by the USACE districts.