Dike Construction

image of land surveying dike construction project


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Jacksonville District


Lake Okeechobee, Florida


  • Large Scale Surveying & Mapping
  • Multibeam Hydrographic Survey
  • Levees, Canals and Structures

In support of the Herbert Hoover Dike Rehabilitation Project, Arc was tasked under its A/E contract for surveying and mapping services with the Jacksonville District Corp of Engineers to acquire Multibeam Hydrographic data within Reach 1 of Lake Okeechobee consisting of over 25 square miles of bathymetry along 22 miles of dike shoreline. For this task, Arc employed its Reson Corporation Model 7101 Multibeam system. The 7101 sonar operates at a frequency of 240 kHz and allows for 100% bottom coverage at 7 times the water depth. The system was complimented with a Coda F-180 Inertial Motion Unit (IMU), as well as a Trimble Navigation Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS positioning system. Data was acquired with HYPACK and HYSWEEP acquisition and post processing software. The results of the survey was utilized a baseline data set for comparisons to future surveys in the analysis of the effects of the recent dike rehabilitation within portions of Lake Okeechobee.