Historic Seminole Reservation

image of laser scan project in florida for Seminole Tribe of Florida


Seminole Tribe of Florida


Florida Seminole Tribe

Brighton Reservation

Arc Surveying & Mapping was contracted to perform a laser scan survey for the Seminole Tribe Historic Preservation office on the Brighton Seminole Tribe Reservation NW of Lake Okeechobee, Florida. The survey required laser scanning inside an outside of the old horse barn. The survey (barn) was referenced to the Sate Plane Coordinate System, East Zone, North American Datum (NAD83). Elevations refer to NAVD88. An Optech ILRIS 3D laser scanner along with a Trimble R8 RTK system were used to establish horizontal and vertical control for laser scan rectification. Upon completion of the field work a 3D point cloud model was generated for the client to document field representation of the site conditions at the time of survey. Planview and elevation maps were created in Acad and a 3D model was created utilizing the Google Sketch up application.