Boundary - Kentucky

image of topographic survey in Hickman Kentucky




Hickman, Kentucky


  • Boundary Survey
  • OPUS submittals
  • Horizontal traverse circuits
  • GPS Experience

During 2013 Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. was contracted by DIMCO, INC. a Memphis USACE survey and mapping contractor to perform a boundary survey on three parcels totaling 120 acres of land. The intent was to prepare surveys and descriptions for the conveyance of land easements to the Corps of Engineers for the installation of relief wells along the Ohio River Mainline Levee. In addition to the Minimum Standards for Land Surveyors in The Commonwealth of Kentucky, Arc Surveying and Mapping had to comply with the specifications and survey standards of the USACE.

All title and deed research was performed by one of our Professional Land Surveyors and the boundary lines were then set in accordance with boundary law as it related to field evidence and title information. Original survey monuments were recovered by our crews using both RTK GPS and conventional total stations. In addition, several static GPS sessions were completed to compute Kentucky State Plane Coordinates. Interestingly, several survey monuments dating back to the early 1900s were recovered in the wooded portions of this property.

Arc Surveying & Mapping has teamed with DIMCO on several projects throughout the last 5 years. This boundary survey was one of many that allowed us to showcase our technology, management, and expertise in the surveying and mapping industry.