Lake Rowell

image of Hydrographic river survey in Lake Rowell


BCI Engineers & Scientists


Starke, Fl


  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Vibecore Sub-bottom Sampling
  • Registered Land Surveyors
  • Side-scan and Sub-bottom Sonar
  • Airboats, Jon boats, Marsh Buggy

Arc Surveying & Mapping Inc. was selected by BCI Engineers and the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission to perform a bathymetric and sediment survey of Lake Rowell. A 350-acre lake located near Starke, Florida, Bradford County. Arc identified the top and bottom of lake sediments using a variety of devices including DGPS, GPR, sonar depth sounding and pole soundings. Arc also retrieved sediment samples of the lake bottom sediment using Vibecore plexiglass tubes.

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