Memphis Topographic Projects - Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc.

Raleigh Springs Mall

image of topographic project in Memphis Tennessee for The City of Memphis


The City of Memphis


Memphis, Tennessee

The City of Memphis contracted Arc Surveying and Mapping, Inc., through its project manager OT Marshall Architects, to complete of boundary, topographic, and ALTA survey of the 30+ acre site of a vacant mall site. The survey work consisted of locating all boundaries, easements, site improvements, utilities, and topography. Using RTK GPS and Trimble Robotic Total Stations, Arc’s crews were able to economically and accurately collect all of the required data, inverts, utilities, etc. within an extremely aggressive time schedule. Our mappers prepared the digital terrain model and survey plat within days of field completion and the City was able to proceed with their plans within weeks. In preparing, surveys such as this, Arc will pull as-built plans, utility maps, and all the deeds necessary to accurately depict and map the conditions.