Mississippi River Corridor LiDAR Flight

image of LiDAR project in the Old River to Venice, LA for USACE, New Orleans District


USACE, New Orleans District


Old River to Venice, LA

PAR collected high density LIDAR along a 300+ mile corridor (from Old River to Venice, LA) of the Mississippi River. The data was used to support channel improvement, with a total project area of 500 square miles.

Data was collected during the optimum balance of low water and leaf off conditions to provide the best representation of the levees and surrounding areas. The accuracy requirements varied by land cover class, 1-foot for bare earth and open areas and two foot for vegetated areas.

The project also required processing data to support 2 epochs for data analysis at USACE. A comprehensive survey control network was designed and implemented by PAR to provide the necessary control throughout the project area.

Accuracy of the project exceeded expectations, with better than 5 cm accuracy tested against survey profiles across the levee.

Deliverables included:

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