Navigational Channel Rock, Mississippi River Mile Marker

image of dredging project in Mississippi River for Massman Construction


Massman Construction


Mississippi River


  • Bathymetric & Construction Surveys
  • River Navigation Clearance Charting
  • ACOE Experience
  • Familiarity of Mississippi River
  • Pre & Post Surveys/Quantity Calculations

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. performed multibeam swath bathymetric surveys on the Mississippi River between Mile markers 39 to 47 under contract to Massman Construction Company for the St Louis District ACOE. The work consisted of collecting river bottom depths and isolating rock pinnacles protruding above the required river mile design grade.

Surveys were performed daily and provided to the excavator in xyz format for input into the excavator software. Survey data was transmitted to Arc’s Jacksonville, Florida office for daily QC and quantity calculations. Survey data, quantity calculations and maps were provided to the St Louis District daily.