Manzanillo International Terminal, Republic of Panama

image of Panama Port project for Manzanillo International Terminal


Manzanillo International Terminal


Coco Solo, Republic of Panama


  • Bathymetric Detail
  • Pre/Post Dredging Surveys
  • Construction Surveys

Performed a multibeam swath hydrographic condition survey for Manzanillo International Terminal, Colon, Panama. The survey area consisted of the seaward approach to the canal, the turning basin and channel leading to the facility, as well as all berths within the facility. The survey was performed utilizing a Reson 7101 multibeam system for the bathymetry and data along the existing bulkhead and mooring dolphins. The system used is capable of a swath width seven times the water depth (10m depth= 70m wide swath) this allowed data to be collected under the berths that were supported by piles. Arc provided to the client the data along the berths and mooring dolphins in a 3D viewer. The viewer allowed viewing of the data at different rotations and measureable within the point cloud (data). The point cloud is comprised of thousands of points that were collected of the structure allowing the ability to visualize the condition of piling and sheeting, as well as the interface of the structure and the seafloor.