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Structural Monitoring

image of topographic survey in Raystown, Pennsylvania for Zoppo Construction


Zoppo Construction


Raystown, Pennsylvania

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc was contracted by Zoppo Construction, Inc to assist with their Baltimore District ACOE project, which among other work items, required replacing the rubber seals of the tainter gate. An issue with the mechanical and wire rope mechanism responsible for raising and lowering the tainter gate, as water levels required, caused the gate to bind with the structure guides. While raising or lowering, the gate would seize causing the operator to raise and lower the gate until it passed the binding area. The binding area was not at the same location during each event causing the ACOE to question the synchronization of the gate lift mechanism on each side of the gate.

In addition to laser scanning the existing seals and seal footer, Arc scanned the raising and lowering of the tainter gate continuously recording xyz positions of each side of the gate simultaneously with precisely position synchronized terrestrial laser scanners. Using this method of simultaneous continuous scanning of the gate in up and down movements, the raising and lowering mechanisms were adjusted to the correct settings eliminating the binding.