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Quarry Survey

image of quarry survey

The most accurate quarry quantities available are computed using combined hydrographic and topographic survey data merged into a 3D model. It is Arc’s experience that the best equipment and best survey technicians provide the best surveys and precise volumes. For this reason Arc utilizes Reson multibeam swath depth sounders and Riegl terrestrial laser scanners operated by Arc’s skilled and professional surveying staff. Surveys are geo-referenced horizontally, in the proper State Plane Coordinate System, and vertically in the appropriate vertical datum such as NAVD88. A permanent control monument is established on site in order that the quarry operator always has a point of reference or may have subsequent surveys performed by others. Click on “Arc Videos” – “Topographic and Hydrographic Model” for a visual explanation of how combined topo and hydro surveys are performed.

image of quarry survey

In addition to furnishing 3D models and mass quantity volumes of excavation of materials available above a specific depth, Arc also provides plotted maps of plan views and cross-sections. Mine safety slope angles are shown on the cross-sections.

Monthly or quarterly surveys can be merged into the baseline (initial survey) model in order to verify dragline or hydraulic dredge excavation estimates. Arc also laser scans stockpiles statically or by drone to determine quantities on hand. For more information contact info@arcsurveyors.com.