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Under a subcontract agreement to Continental Engineering, Inc. of Memphis, Tennessee, Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. performed a multibeam swath survey of 110 miles of the Red River, Louisiana, between river miles 7.0 and 235.0. During the bank-to-bank multibeam swath survey, water surface elevations were recorded at the beginning, middle and end of each workday at predetermined locations along the river. Water surface data included the location, date and time of each reading in order to adjust depth-soundings to the appropriate vertical control. The survey was positioned using DGPS. Multibeam depth sounder calibrations were performed at the beginning and end of each survey day using a standard bar check and a sonar velocity profiler.

Multibeam data were collected in one-mile reaches to better control data processing and submission to client. Horizontal control (Louisiana North State Plane Coordinate System NAD83) and vertical control (NGVD29) were provided by the Vicksburg District USACOE. Depth Soundings were collected using a Reson 8124 multibeam swath sounder operating at 200 kHz. The 200kHz transducer contains eighty one beams with 1.5 degree spot spacing. Bottom coverage is 120 degrees or approximately 3.5 times the depth. Trimble DGPS was used for positioning, receiving differential GPS locations from the closest United States Coast Guard (USCG) NavBeacon. Data are collected and processed using HySweep Software.