Restoration & Mattress Survey

image of restoration mattress project in Okeechobee, Florida for Cajun Constructors


Cajun Constructors


Okeechobee, Florida


  • Bathymetric Surveys – Multibeam 400kHz Resolution (0.1’x0.1′Grid)
  • DGPS Experience, RTK Experience
  • Revetment and Mat installation surveys
  • Capability to integrate field survey into digital format

During 2015 Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. (Arc) was contracted by Cajun Dredging to fulfill the specified hydrographic and multibeam survey requirements of the contract from the Jacksonville District, . The project consisted of surveying prefabricated concrete mats after installation on the lake bottom to certify accurate positioning and grades. Arc surveys the mats after placement using one of our survey vessels, a Reson 7125 multibeam system operating at 400kHz, the POS wavemaster w/IMU, and Trimble RTK for positioning and water surface elevations. Upon survey completion of each area, usually 4-6 mats, Arc hydrographers map the mats using a 0.1 x0.1 foot matrix grid using Microstation and Inroads to identify the mat corners, label, and catalog them. In addition, per specifications, all gaps between maps that exceed one foot must be identified on the maps. Arc has 24 hours to submit each map to the Jacksonville District office, but typically deliver them within 12 hours. Arc is also performing as built surveys of the riprap that was dropped on top of the approved mat sections.