St. John's County, Florida

image of beach project in St. Augustine, Florida for ACOE – Jacksonville District


ACOE – Jacksonville District


St. Augustine, Florida


  • Topographic locations on-shore
  • Hydrographic locations off-shore
  • Registered Land Surveyors
  • Horizontal and Vertical control

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. was selected by ACOE Jacksonville District to survey St. Johns County Beach in St. Augustine, Florida. Monitoring, Plans, and Specification surveys were collected for beach profiles from R-109 thru T-157 including intermediate from R-137 thru R-151, borrow area survey and aerial photography from R-109 thru T-157. Additional profiles were collected for R-197 thru R-209. Collect topographic and hydrographic beach profile data. Utilized DEP coordinates, elevations, and azimuths as provided. The project was performed on time and under budget.

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