St. Lucie Lock, Florida

image of laser scanning project in Stuart, Florida for US Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District


US Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District


Stuart, Florida

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. performed the above referenced lock and dam structure survey utilizing an Optech ground based LIDAR scanner and a Reson 8124 multibeam swath sounder, positioned by RTK/GPS and referenced to Florida State Plane Coordinate System, East Zone, North American Datum (NAD83). Elevations refer to NAVD88. Laser scanner topographic data and multibeam swath sounder hydrographic data were merged to form a complete a interactive 3 model in MicroStation format. The 3D model was used by the US Army Corps of Engineers Waterway Experiment Station, Vicksburg, for Hurricane Preparedness planning and Homeland Security purposes. Navigation and measurements of structure facilities, water depths etc. are accomplished by an interactive viewer (point and click) for easy use by persons with basic computer knowledge. After testing various survey systems, Arc determined that the accuracy of the Optech ILRIS Imaging system and the Reson 8124 multibeam swath sounder best met the requirements and standards of clients such as the ACOE, FDOT, and others. Optech accuracy 7mm at 50m range. Reson accuracy IHO compliant.