Streambank Erosion

image of streambank Topographic project in Burlison, Tennessee for Randy Kinder Construction


Randy Kinder Construction


Burlison, Tennessee


  • Stream and streambank profiling
  • GPS, Total Station with sub-centimeter accuracy
  • Leveling and traversing
  • Topographic surveying

During the summer of 2014, the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration let a contract to remedy an area of significant bank erosion along the Hatchie River in southwest Tennessee. The bank failure threatened an interior road within the Lower Hatchie National Wildlife refuge. The goal was to stabilize the bank and construct a cellular confinement system wall to prevent future erosion. The project included 500 linear feet of bank correction and new construction. The contractor awarded the project, contacted Arc Surveying and Mapping to perform existing conditions survey, construction layout, and quantity surveys.

Arc Surveying and Mapping performed an existing condition survey of the area using Trimble Robotic Total stations and Trimble RTK GPS to collect data within our established horizontal and vertical control network. This survey would serve as the “baseline” for all future quantity calculations. In addition, Arc provided line and grade layout for the bank grading, geo-grid stabilization, coffer dams, and new cellular wall. Finally, Arc provided grade stakes along the existing road for re-surfacing and repair.